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Journal #181: Show Your OC! #3 (SHOWING)Hello everypony :la:
I can't express often enough how much I love this fandom /)^3^(\
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February 22, 2013


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Well, as I had stated in my 'Honest Words' comic back in 2012… I promised to watch Season 3 AFTER it was completed on TV. Youtube makes the time go faster. ;)

So I gave every episode a chance, and before anyone takes reminder of my 'passive-aggressive' nature in regards to most of the facets in the show itself, let me tell in one, simple word in regards to Season 3:


Yeah, that's right, a major percentage of the season really blew me away. :nod: Okay, I will be honest, the first two episodes weren't really my cup of tea but a majority think so as well.

Really, King Sombra doesn't earn a medal for 'personality', but he does astonish the villains' category, as his evilness and sought for Equestrian conquest proves his character very vital for 'fresh' of MLP. I only wished he spoke more instead of sounding like a car with a bad engine. :XD:

But the introduction of the Crystal Kingdom gives us more Equestrian interests and the ponies that reside in that part of the country are proven very original; we can actually TELL they're from the kingdom of jewels mainly because of their dazzling exterior. :nod:

So yeah, first two episodes of Season 3 weren't that great, but heroic Spike makes up for it in the end. And a villain's actual DEMISE really took me by surprise, as the explosion of Sombra was completely unexpected. I know the show is mostly watched by older audiences, mostly male, but let's remember that this is a show intended for LITTLE GIRLS, I could just PICTURE children asking their parents 'Mommy. Daddy. When is he big unicorn that sounds like a dog going to come back?" So that scene proves death CAN happen in a show like MLP...but I'm HOPING that was not death, I'll just pretend that, like Discord turning into stone, Sombra's 'essence' is drifting off to another location with even more determination burning to take what he had lost, especially Twilight Sparkle. ^^;

Besides those episodes, I'm completely taking by the morals and values and even the characters themselves possessing BETTER personality than they had in Season 2. I will admit, I've constantly stated that Rainbow Dash is a 'half-minded twit who lacks sympathy and craves nothing more but boosting herself above others on an imaginary totem pole', but she seems to have improved in Season 3, especially in the 'Wonderbolts Academy' episode. Her situation relates greatly to many of us who want to keep our friendships intact or risk ourselves to their ill-humor and troubling actions. I know many of us showed MAJOR sympathy for Lightning Dust, and my only question after the end of said episode is "Are we going to see her again?"

Possibly. Because we saw TRIXIE again. Ever since she made her first appearance in "Boast Busters", I've had mixed feelings about her, and they fluctuated from pity to frustration with her when I saw "Magic Duel". She showed GREAT animosity and held such a grudge, but deep down I can't blame her because her reputation was tainred because of the Ursa Minor incident. She held Ponyville against its will and forced them to do her bidding, how evil is that? But much like Twilight, I do NOT consider Trixie evil, just problematic with a serious case of inferiority complex. However, the end of said episode proved her redemption and I have nothing but love and concern for her, praying to Celestia she goes back to being 'The Great and Powerful' Trixie and do shows again. I KNOW we will see her again. ;)

We saw Discord again, of course. To make a long story short, it could have been better if it was TWILIGHT who held the main point to redeem Discord, and I'm not saying that because I'm a hardcore :icondiscolight: fan. :XD: Still, while it was WONDERFUL to know Discord redeemed, I hope to ALL gods in the Equestrian sky he doesn't lose his 'discordant touch'. ^^;

Speaking of discordant touch, I was AMAZED by the Babs Seed episode. It REALLY shows a more realistic view in the depths of bullying. And this Babs Seed character was the most originally-thought up character the show has introduced; and her Bostonian accent adds more incredibility to her character. Sure, Season 1 gave us the CMC, and we were happy for those girls. But when Season 2 rolled around, I couldn't help but felt they were being too selfish. While it's understandable they were just trying to search for their cutie marks(and hook up their teacher with a FINE stallion), they were pushing too hard, and even went as far as to humiliate others in a school newspaper column. Many bronies were upset with them, but the Babs Seed episode was a complete turn-aroun, and it showed us not only a NEW crusader, but how much the girls have changed and how they've managed to keep ONE lesson intact, and that resulted in making us recall our childhoods when we were bullied. I was bullied during my freshman year in high school, and I did the important thing and told a teacher. And that's when the bully got kicked out of the school for not only countless bullying and harassment, but also for her grades, which is why she went a 'special' school in hopes of redeeming her. That was the last I saw of her, but it's been like 7 years, so maybe she's changed. Beside that, the Babs Seed episode was remarkable and now we know that more Crusaders can be welcomed because she will make a NEW line in her home-city. We've always liked the thought of more crusaders, now we got our wish. :)

What's my favorite episode, you ask?

Apple Family Reunion.

Other than the fact that we see BRAEBURN again, we finally see a family reunion of Applejack's that is much stronger than the one given in the very first episode of MLP. We even look more into Granny Smith's younger life, and while the Zap Apple Jam episode gave her more admiration from us fans, this episode allows us to see more of her younger self and the life's lessons that led up to where she is today. And that is passed down to her granddaughter. The whole episode itself reminds us of the importance of togetherness of a family and how no one should take ALL the responsibility for a whole, that's what we saw in Applejack, and that is a powerful lesson indeed. And the song 'Raise This Barn' is my ABSOLUTE favorite song of Season 3. :w00t:

Few episodes I've discussed in particular, I finally want to talk about the LAST episode.

So let me get this straight, bronies: A lot of you are pissed off because Twilight's got wings and is now a princess? :unimpressed:

Then why the HELESTIA did you keep drawing Alicorn Twilight pictures back in 2010 and 2011 and even before 2013? And don't get me started on the fanfics...

Well, I can't exactly change your mind, of course. I've given my opinion on MANY things in regards to MLP, and most have respected it(and a few others wanted me to go jump off a cliff), but I can't exactly see why bronies are complaining about Twilight's new look.

Is it the Mary-Sue thing?

Because Twilight is NOT Cadence, thank goodness. ^^; Twilight's still the adorkable bookworm we all know and love, she's just now got wings and new responsibilities that could possibly bring up another 'Lesson Zero' s anyone's asking. :lol:

Is it the fact that everyone's down because she's now immortal and the reality of MLP is that's her friends will die without her?  

Reminder: This is a show for little girls, death and immortality aren't part of their deal. But good depression fanfictions, nevertheless. :XD:

Or is because we have NO idea what's going to happen with the series now?

Well, from what I'm noticed, a new villain pops up every season, so no doubt a new one will be introduced in Season 4...let's just hope he/she isn't as poorly-interpreted as Sombra. ^^; Other than, we've been given MANY new adventures as the episodes progressed, there will be that moment, that VERY MOMENT, the CMC will get cutie marks or Rainbow Dash FINALLY becoming a Wonderbolt, but we'll have to wait and see.

We were already hit in the face with the fact that Hasbro decided NOW that Twilight has a brother(guess how many people got frustrated with family art). :XD:

What do I think about Twilight's new image?

It's wonderful, and it was something I expected since Season 2 ended. We ALL know she's no ordinary pony, she's BEYOND what Starswirl the Bearded is, and I couldn't be more proud of her that she accomplished something so big. Sure, I think I'm agreeing with some people that the episode was slightly rushed and too much singing and the problem was solved in the snap of a finger, but there was true beauty in it. :aww:

For anyone who's read any good books lately, recall the beloved children's classic The Little Princess. What the protagonist kept to heart from the very beginning of the story: any girl is a princess, no matter what they are.

I always thought of Twilight as a princess. And despite some people wishing her friends were alicorns as well, they're ALL princesses at heart. Yes, even Rainbow Dash. :lol:

For anyone who's known me very long and kept updated with my crossover art and stories, you recall the last two known as 'Earthworm Zim' and even 'Chaotic Order'. Well, after watching Season 3, I've got so many ideas of how other characters, and even OCs, could be spliced into the duration of these events, even the last episode, with every cartoon character proud and happy for Twilight and her wings. :)

Even her beloved father figure whom she often refers to as 'Sea Daddy' from time to time. :iconbaldwin-fanclub: Oh, just WAIT until he gives birth, he can't wait for his kids to get to know their 'big pony sister who's a PRINCESS'. :XD:

I mean it, Season 3 was just so MAGICAL and the ending of that Season held so much potential that reminded me of the Gala episode...just 20% cooler. :lol: Much better than the Canterlot wedding episodes, in my opinion, obviously. It almost felt like it was the end of the series altogether...but it's not, thank goodness. :phew:

So, what do I rate this Season?


Now that is a BIG improvement from what I rated Season 2...which was a 6.9/10. :XD:

If Season 4 holds the same quality Season 3 had, then maybe its rating will be even higher. :nod:

To all bronies and MLPS fans, another great season has come and passed, and I'm VERY excited for Season 4. :aww:

And congrats once again to dear Twilight Sparkle. I am SO happy for her. :hug:

Stay tuned for crossover artwork if you can handle it. :XD:


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ShadesofGrey18 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013
For the most part, I have to agree. Personally, I didn't care for 'Keep Calm and Flutter On', mostly due to the rushed feel of the episode. I hated 'Wonderbolts Academy', though. Reeeeally poor pacing as far as storytelling went, a bit of an Idiot Plot, a really annoying Pinkie, and a rather subpar ending, imo.

Other than that, I enjoyed a decent amount of the season.
McGack Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
soooo you're just overwritting fluttershy's achievements because of your fanfic? dang i didnt think you belittled the others THAT much
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
Well, some of us BELIEVED it SHOULD have been Twilight since it was SHE Discord had been messing around with the most in Season 2. :roll:

But it's not like I could ever get a smile on YOUR face even if I DREW Discoshy to kiss up. :no:
McGack Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
shipping has nothing to do with this though, its the fact that you're always trashing characters you dont like, the only reason twilight reformed discord in your fic is because you made discord something he wasnt
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
Well, that's what 'Keep Calm Flutter On' had did EXACTLY and look how SOME have complained.
McGack Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
what did keep calm do? he was still a prankster, still trying to mess with them, he couldnt corrupt them again because they had their elements on them, Celestia thought fluttershy would be right for the job because she is the only pony that wasnt manipulated by his trickery in the maze
in the end he only changed because of the thought of losing his only friend, they only had 22 minutes to work with so yes it did feel rushed
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
So we actually agree on something...although our opinions on the last S3 episode may differ because a LOT thought that episode was rushed.
McGack Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
I heard that was only part 1 of three so anything could happen in season 4, we'll have to wait and see, i doubt they'll change twilight too much though
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013
She's alicorn until the day the series ends.
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CyberFox Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013   Artist
I enjoyed the season
My only gripe was it's too bloody short!
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