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September 6, 2013
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Post MU-Life's a Scream! Chp. 3 by Cartuneslover16 Post MU-Life's a Scream! Chp. 3 by Cartuneslover16

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And thus, Laura Sharp's sorority was born. Like Brock Pearson said, it's a miracle, especially one made totally at last minute. :XD:

Yeah, since the Scare Games originated in Monsters University by former student Dean Hardscrabble, Laura's former school Fear Tech followed them...though not exact to detail. ^^;

Here are the description links for the four girls:

Katy McCrea…

Dot Pressler…

Colette Creouture…

Monnie Monstre…

EDIT: I'd like to thank my good friend and fellow MU fan :iconvictortky: for suggesting a few things that I decided to edit this chapter, like near the end with background characters/snarkers Marbus and Theo(the slug guy) during the flashback where OK was trying to look for Laura's dorm. He deserves a lot of credit. :hug:

Stay tuned for chapter 4! ;)
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uay778 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
wait ez.....isn't that the name of rocky's knd sector?
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
victortky Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Okay, here we go for my comment. I have read it a few more times to appreciate the effort put into Randall's section of the story as well as the moments with Oozma Kappa, although I would love to see Mike and Sulley doing their mail jobs while Mike dates Celia Mae. 

I love the moment for the OK gang, which is so in tune with their movie selves, as well as Squishy's mother. I also love the reference to what happened to the previous scare games. I also like the scene for Monnie with Katy, really brings out their friendship moment as roommates, as well as Colette and Dot, really in tune with their character personalities and character design! I love the mention of the "Bridezilla magazine" from Colette, and she's really like rarity when it comes to fashion design! Nice reference to the OK wedding at chapter one! I love that so much!

Laura brought Archie to class?! Hope Professor Knight and Dean Hardscrabble does not find out! Looks like Archie has become her pet again, and that I liked very much, and there's nothing FearTech can do about it. XD I wonder if they will steal Archie back again. Love the class moment with Squishy and Laura, really shows the chemistry between them, albeit slowly at first, but building bit by bit until a romance blossoms. Ah, nice moment of reference to Randall, and I especially loved how you wrote about the OK gang's characterizations in this scene, really shows their personalities and character very well, and I love the various character tics you put for each and every one of them. 

I will be honest now: Terry Perry is a clueless chick monster magnet, while Terri Perry is his clueless wingman. LOLZ Nice odd friendship between Nadya and Naomi, and I find it kind of sweet that Naomi was still struggling with her feelings with Terry Perry, although I am sure her sisters of PNK would have noticed it by now. I wonder what will be their reactions be when they find out. Nice friendly reminder that they are still competitors XD Katy still has her dreams in her mind, and I love that little nugget. XD Ah Johnny and ROR are at it again, and I noticed that he has got his eyes on the prize, and it ain't the trophy of the Scare Games. The moment when Laura wanted to get into ths Scare Games, followed by the eventual forming from Monnie, Katy, Colette and Dot is really, really intense, so intense THAT I WISHED THIS WHOLE SCENE COULD BE ANIMATED BY PIXAR! (Marbus and Theo would be somewhere on an elevated platform with a nice view of the Scare Games Announcement Stage, and I bet they both would be watching with barely held breath...and so is Seya Sephira with the rest of her buddies) And behold! A new team is formed! As brock would say, "IT'S A MIRACLE INDEED!" Thank you for editing the Dean's speech, it flows better now! I especially love the various sororities all trying to get Laura for their own team! XD Oh sherry, Laura is standing on your car, and so is the rest of the Sorority she formed! XD

I would say this: You just may have redeemed the most misunderstood character in Monsters Inc. in my eyes. Randall is such a woobie in the scene that I just wanna glomp him and tuck him to sleep LOLZ. (No offense Monnie) The whole scene of Randall with the ROR was just tugging at heartstrings, as well as his thoughts, his motivations and his reflections on what he has done in the events of the movie. (although the slightly evil grin at the OK's humiliation was kinda harsh - but I can believe he's putting on an act in front of the ROR) And the rejection followed by him working on his cupcakes just felt even more heartbreaking, as well as the loss of his roommate Mike and the best student in the whole scaring class sullivan. Nice scene to show Monnie's protective personality for Randall, as I loved that scene very much, speaks volumes about her bravery and later her hitching with Randall as a couple later XD Johnny worthington is just asking for it. And I am glad he got what he deserved at this scene. Also, the mention of Randall's ability and how he coped with life in MU after the movie was very heart breaking, and the OK gang's acceptance of him was just so heartwarming! I especially love Don's comments as well as Johnny's and the Terry brothers! XD Yeah, he must have given in to peer pressure, but that's how college life is, and Don's words nailed it perfectly. I also like how you wrote about the difference between OK and ROR, which is very true. One focuses on friendships, while the other focuses on successes. Mrs Carlton cuddling and kissing Randall HAS TO BE THE CUTEST THING EVER! WE NEED A PICTURE OF THIS!

The whole scene of the Laura getting to know her friends reminds me of Toy Story 3 mixed with a bit of My Little Pony. I especially like how you described each and every one of the OCs, and the details you go into describing their character design and how they looked. Really gives a nice visualisation of themselves to the readers! I like how they talked about how Laura met them on her first day, causing accidents that coincidentally brought them all together! I also like how you described their personalities and characters, which really shows what type of characters they are and how they would prove themselves in the scare games, as well as each of their hopes and dreams.  Yes they have diversity from the rest of the fraternities and the sororities, and I am sure this is what will give Laura and her team an edge in the upcoming Scare Games.

I was laughing when the OK gang piled into the room, that is so in tune with their characters, and that is probably what they will do. Nice introduction for the OK gang to the bunch of monster gals, and I am sure there is some romantic tension between Randall and Monnie. XD Love the initiation, which is unique and takes a branch from OK's initiation XD I also love the way each member makes a wish and throws a coin to symbolise them wishing. And what's even better is having Mike, Sulley, OK Gang and many other monsters from the rest of the fraternities and sororities as well as several bystanders watching, along with Brock and Claire. I especially like the moment each member makes their wish and throws the coin, which really shows their dreams in its purest form. My personal favourite is Laura's one, followed closely by Colette. XD Hehe, Marbus and Theo has a new team to root for besides Oozma Kappa, and thank you for including Seya Sephira too. You can edit the scene with the redone piece I have sent you in the note, it flows better. XD And thanks for accepting my idea about the flashback for OK Gang accidentally interrupting Marbus and Theo in their Monster Chess Game. It is really hilarious and I am glad I can incorporate that scene into this chapter. 

Nice name for a new Sorority! I love the ring to it and I hope for them to Exceed what they are now in the Scare Games! So catchy! I love the sound of it too: Exceeda Zeta! XD (EZ! Woohoo!) I also LOLed when Laura broke Katy's branch and incinerated both halves, which really shows that she has a limit to what she can tale and you do NOT want to see her mad. I am sure Johnny is even more liking her now! XD And I am sure her sorority sisters and the OK gang would be even more careful of Laura now XD I feel really sorry for Naomi, my heart wrenches for her, trust me. And there goes Nadya again...I hope to see more of scenes like this, and I hope Naomi can talk to Terry for real in the later chapters. (I am bracing myself for the conversation which I know would not be kind to Naomi) I love the appearance of Ms Carlton, and her moment with Randall was so sweet! I also like how Archie barg in with the camera in his mouth: he has become Exceeda Zeta's Team Pet now! XD And I also love the tricks he showed off to everyone present XD The final scene was so nice, and the mayhem is just part of the charm. I am sure that picture has a place of honor in both EZ's photo album as well as OK's too! And the final sentence makes my heart all fuzzy: Laura and Squishy! XD I am sure their love will blossom soon! XD

Seriously, I can't stop fangushing all over this chapter, it is packed with enough information and likeable scenes for me to melt into a puddle of goo in front of my laptop. I like the reference that FT has a Scare Games, and it is slightly different from the one in MU, and I am sure Laura and her gang of friends would be in for many surprises! XD As usual, I hope to see more characters from the various fraternities and sororities having lines and scenes to their own, as well as other students making an appearance, such as those from the year(fear)book as well as the essential guide. (I loved the Brynn Larson one, as well as Heather Olsen) XD I would also love to see some more class scenes, such as introducing some other teachers and their class lessons, and perhaps some quirks and scenes we wouldn't see in the movie. Chet's comment near the end was so in character, I like him more and more now! XD

As usual, excellent work, and I am looking forward to more for the next chapter, which features the toxicity challenge! XD

Extra: Homecoming Season is coming right? I hope to see mentions of Stephanie Dallmar, as well as her trying to get Johnny worthinton out for a date XD And please do have a scene from Marbus's point of view when in the field, especially due to the large amount of football players running around to grab the football, and I hope FearTech can PUT UP A FIGHT NOW! XD Something unexpected would be perfect. And I am guessing Theo would be cheering with Sephira and Mrs Carlton, the OK Gang and EZ! XD

Extra: A scene for a conversation between Dean Hardscrabble and Professor Knight after class would be nice too, to give insight on their relationship and remember that scene I noted you on? Would be perfect for teasing the shippers of them both. XD

Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
I'm going to see into those specified scenes. ;)

Yeah, Art's blunt when he doesn't mean to. :XD: And that being said...those Fear Tech people ARE dummies for making Laura so late into the new semester. :XD:

Yeah, I know, people are wondering what'll happen next because sooner of later Laura's former alma mater will want to claim him back. ^^; Don's personality was the most fun to do. :D

Compared to the Scare Games, Naomi's competition is just as severe. ^^; It really is a EMBARRASSING it was for Laura in front of everyone when she had NO idea how different the Scare Games were from Fear Tech. ^^;

Glad you liked Randall's scene, and yeah, like Monnie's profile said, she WILL kick Johnny's tail if he does anything to her intended love interest. :lol: Don is a father despite being a 'frat brother', and he really can connect with Randall, much like Mrs. Carlton...yeah, there are going to be a lot more kisses where those come from! :XD:

With the Scare Games...meaning a lot more panic attacks. Katy isn't the only monster who will have to aid Laura to BREATH. :XD:

I thank you for giving me good dialogue and will edit as soon as possible. ;) Yeah, I think I got the fountain scene from that cheesy Lizzie McGuire movie...I don't want to sound like Johnny but I actually did a fountain scene that was justice. :XD: 

Originally, EZ was going to stand for 'Effusiva Zeta'-effusive meaning expressing in an unrestrained heartfelt manner...yeah, that doesn't work and neither does the name. :XD: You think Sullivan was that peeved when the twins whacked him? Laura's another case because she's usually so calm yet timid, and panicky. :XD: Looks like Mrs. Carlton is a bit of a shipper, or pretty much sees Laura the way her son does or aware of her son's feelings. :XD:

Yeah, trying to get everyone in, especially Carla. :D

Oh, yeah, the RENEWED toxicity challenge...

Yeah, I'm working on the Homecoming bit, but that's not for a LONG time. :XD:

I saved your notes. ;)

Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
Don't worry, they play important roles, especially Mike. ;)

Well, who says Laura can't break the rules? You'll understand later on in the story bigger reasons why she left FT...

Mike had his heart in his mouth the entire time, hoping for one more member to step up. :XD:

She loves all her little Oozmas! :D

Oh, you'll see how bad the panic attacks are...

I'll edit the scene as soon as I can. ;) Yeah, Lizzie's got nothing on Laura. :XD:

Yeah, the name didn't hit that 'Oozma Kappa' chord with me...Each of the boys are going to experience 'falling in love'. :XD:

You will in the next chapter. ;)

I like Donna, though she's much different from what the notes imply(we were just playing around with her!). :D
victortky Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
I hoped to see more scenes involving Mike and Sulley, because I would be sad if they are demoted to extras. 

True, but that's part of his charm. He's extremely weird. Indeed, hence the term "Fear Tech" dummies.

That is what I am thinking about too. Because I don't think FT would allow their mascot to be stolen again and staying at MU permanently. I love Don, as he is a mature student and has a funny personality.

Hehe, I like the fact she's facing competition, because that would be intense. Indeed, I had my heart in my mouth the entire scene.

She most definitely would. I love the references that they both are practically hinting to be in love with each other. I like how you connect Don and his personality with Randall's predicament. Mrs Carlton is still a loving mother!

That would be a sight to see in Chapter 4. I think Mike would need to teach Laura to take deep breaths like cadence's tips to calm down.

welcome. I am glad to be of help. I am rewriting a little of that scene again, and I will note you on it. I thought I saw that show somewhere, thank you for telling me, I loved the fountain scene! It is so funny and heartwarming! I wanted a pic of it so much! XD

'Effusiva Zeta'? Hmm...interesting I like what you mean in that aspect, but it does sound very nice to me. Sullivan is peeved already when the terry brothers whacked him, and the last whack is what made him snap, and the death glare is also really scary. I can so see Laura's case, and really did establish her character. Hehe, I can so see her helping squishy with his moments with Laura, I am sure she's aware of his feelings for Laura.

Carla is needed most definitely XD Hope to see more other members from other Sororities and Fraternities.

I am so pumped up for it! XD Can't wait to see the announcing of the teams moment!

Hehe, that would be interesting to see. Long time is a good thing, more time to make it awesome.

Thank you so much. (Although I apologise with the Donna part in the Notes, wasn't intentional)

Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
Don't worry, they play important roles, especially Mike. ;) (Wink)

Well, who says Laura can't break the rules? You'll understand later on in the story bigger reasons why she left FT...

Mike had his heart in his mouth the entire time, hoping for one more member to step up. XD

She loves all her little Oozmas! :D (Big Grin)

Oh, you'll see how bad the panic attacks are...

I'll edit the scene as soon as I can. ;) (Wink) Yeah, Lizzie's got nothing on Laura. XD

Yeah, the name didn't hit that 'Oozma Kappa' chord with me...Each of the boys are going to experience 'falling in love'. XD

You will in the next chapter. ;) (Wink)

I like Donna, though she's much different from what the notes imply(we were just playing around with her!). :D (Big Grin)
victortky Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
awesome, because I wouldn't want them to be demoted to extras, they need some story to tell.

I would love to know more about Fear Tech and how they compete with MU.

Same here for me! I was nervous at that scene.

That's sherry carlton for you! XD

Does she need an inhaler?

I will note you when I have finished that scene and made it better. Awesome, nice reference.

I see, hehe, falling in love is an interesting moment for the OK gang


Although I just had this feeling that she doesn't like other people asking where her eyes are (oh, because I would like that to be a special chapter on the duo)
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
Trust me, this will be a LONG story to tell. :D

And you'll see why Laura had been so anti-social despite 'popularity'...

She doesn't have asthma. Just a nervous state of mind when she's usually so calm and placid, acting quite mature. 

Oh, yeah, I'm sure even OK doesn't know her eyes are on her tail. :XD:
victortky Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013
awesome, because I had SO MANY IDEAS planned for the future.

I am sure I would like to know that.

Awesome. I see...interesting! She has two versions of herself. XD

True, very few knows. (although I had the idea that she doesn't like monsters getting it wrong)
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