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August 27, 2013
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Post MU-Life's a Scream! Chp. 2 by Cartuneslover16 Post MU-Life's a Scream! Chp. 2 by Cartuneslover16

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Finally, Laura's back in the story, as well as four other girls who were 'struck by fate'. :XD: I'd like to thank my good friend and fellow MU fan :iconvictortky: for giving my ideas and helping me make this chapter much longer than I had expected, which was why it was made into PDF file. :D

:bulletblue: Sla$ha is a parody of the singer and rapper Ke$ha, and that song Katy was singing is one of her hits called 'We R Who We R'. :)

:bulletblack: For those who want to know which one of the Eta Hiss Hiss, aka HSS, girls is Nadya Petrov, she's the one who struck me as the most interesting characters to watch in the Monsters University movie among her sorority sisters. Sonia Lewis being a close second.…

:bulletpurple: To those who wonder who Maria Garcia among the Slugma Slugma Kappa, aka EEK, girls is beside her leader Carla Delgado, she has REALLY nice hair. :lol:…

Stay tuned for chapter 3! ;)
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Colurdures2 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
Out of all the original Charecters, Larua has the most in depth background and personality.

You've managed to maintain your skills in descriptions and giving an image to your readers through it. I really like how you let us peer into the minds of each character as they say or do something. Its a must have in a novel based writings.

Well done a second time Cartunes!

Oh and as for the few individual monsters who somewhat suffered from Larua's reckless movements. I sense some foreshadowing. :) (Smile)

Despite this being fan fiction you write as if you where making an original piece!
ParodyMaster101 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
When I found out you named the slug dude Theo, I died laughing! 😆 Cause' I knew right away that was a reference to Turbo! That was pure genius! I never would've thought of that! Keep up the AWESOME work! 😄
AnimeMonkeyGirlFan Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013

Phew.  Good thing you uploaded this on too.  My computer unfortuntely doesn't have to ability to open PDF files.  x.x


Anyway, after reading the whole thing through, I can safely say that I love Laura and the personality you gave her.  Something about her and Squishy together... just feels right.  I'm looking forward to seeing more interactions between these two.



Zexoguy Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Awesome chapter. Though MY GOD THAT WAS LONG! You seem to be having Laura go through all the same events so far that Mike did in the movie. Not quite sure how to feel about that, but you're doing it pretty well.

I like that you made Archie the Scare-Pig her best friend from FT. It's pretty cute.

That's one way to make new friends, constantly bumping into them, literally! XD

I can only imagine how spectacular that roar was. I kind of picture it being a mix of Sully's roar and that of Thumper form A Bug's Life.

And I have definitely been in Squishy's case countless times around girls as gorgeous as Laura.

I know you said Ashley Tisdale would voice Colette, but she just reminds me so much of Rarity that I can't help picture Tabitha St. Germain's voice coming out of her.

Like I said, great chapter. Can't wait to see what comes next.
amothershed Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great chapter!! So how did Laura and the other girls become friends?
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
You'll see in chapter 3. ;)
amothershed Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cannot wait, this has to be one of the best fan fictions I've read! It was so refreshing to see someone like Laura finally stand up to Mike and the Oozma Kappa fraternity they have gotten no respect throughout the entire movie I wish Mike and Sulley had a better ending, rather than getting expelled. But I guess it worked out in the end because they both ended up getting jobs at the Monsters Inc. mailroom and worked their way up the latter. What I would have like to have seen is how Johnny ended up after the events of Monsters University and especially after the switch was made. 
victortky Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Apologies for the late comment, I was busy reading and re-reading the chapter, as well as taking several steps back to appreciate the wonderful lore and effort put into making the official characters of MU and your OCs into a fully fledged story! I am impressed by the character descriptions, which shows their personalities as well as their actions very well, and I am glad to see some of my own ideas incorporated into the story. Thank you for using them and I hope to contribute more to the later chapters. However, here are my thoughts and suggestions, which I hope I can do your story justice. (it's long!)

1. I loved how you describe Laura's life in FearTech, and how her character was initially shaped by the experiences she had in the school. It shows her bookish personality like Twilight Sparkle, and the little hint about her eating habit as well as the "brain food" stockage. I especially loved the flashbacks, which shows her loneliness and her hope that someone could feel the empty well in her heart. Nice reference to her parents as well as how they met. 

The scene with Archie was to be considered my favourite scene out of the flashbacks. It was well described, and the character of archie has a nice touch which it was sleeping on fresh hay. XD I remember it shrieks like a goat in the movie. Nice way of making Laura Archie's chosen caretaker! The interaction moments feel me with "daww!" And the final night moment Laura spent in company with Archie was DEFINITELY tugging at heartstrings. My heart actually ached for them at that scene. It is comparable to a human girl with her favourite pet dog. 

Also, nice reference to the two newspapers that came in the film, which depicted Mike and Sulley being expelled, and the humiliation of the OK gang. I like how you described Laura's feelings towards the two newspaper reports. There is also the old journal of Laura's and the token words by her father was inscribed onto the first page...that was something to be cherished. I hope to see the words being said in the later chapters. I also like the "little something" she added at the bottom. No horns? No Tail? No problem! XD Her father is a worthy figure to look up to, like all parents are.

2. Ah, the smile squad. (I am sure there is more than just 1 smile squad right?) I loved their rhyming names, and they are so optimistic and cheerful! XD The one who hands the students the Dorm Keys is named RAY. A photo of her and Archie? I WANT A PICTURE OF THAT SO MUCH! Nice description of what Laura looks like, and I especially loved the way you described her skin colour and eyes. And yeah, we did see a bit of eating habit surfacing. Nice comment by random student by the way. XD

The meeting with Johnny Worthington was hilarious, and we did see Laura getting panicky due to her inability to get around MU. I like how you described Johnny too, despite the fact I don't quite like him. :D Chet was still the comical missing the point monster he is from the film, and you captured him perfectly. Captain Obvious has a new apprentice!

LET'S UNHAND THE STRING OF FATE! "ahem" The individual character moments for Dot, Katy, Colette, and Monnie was quite good, as each shows their character doing what they do best, as well as what they are doing before Laura crashed into them, and then after. I especially like Colette's one. It was pure crowning moment of funny. And Laura's comments to herself after causing the accidents was hilarious too. I hope later they will meet again and I wonder how Laura will apologise and meet them all in person. 

The OK gang is back! XD Nice to see they had help from Mike, and I was chuckling at Art's comments towards Terry and Laura's entrance. (Class A113 on the door!)
Hehe, Squishy is doing the same thing as Mike in the film, and this time it's not a roar but a crash. XD I liked how you show that Squishy is awestruck by Laura's appearance, and I was laughing when he mentioned, "Beauty of the roar." Professor Knight still has his praising streak in him, and I liked his usual personality as seen here, not drill sergeant mode, but I will see the latter soon enough. "Fear Tech dummies..." OMG that is so much like Sullivan! I like his comment about the jackal and the blender too. XD

Dean Abigail Hardscrabble is still as unflappable as ever. But we did see a little change in personality and she has apparently learned her lesson from the film, but her stern demeanor still resides as seen here. I can see that Laura obviously admired the Dean, and her dream of breaking the record herself. THANK YOU for using the little speech I proposed for Dean Hardscrabble! XD Ah she is still looking for monsters who can surprise her! XD

Randy! Nice way of showing his power of invisibility. Is he still in ROR, or he's just not wearing the jacket? That moment was a little creepy, and it shows his character beautifully.

3. Ah Naomi Jackson. Guess she's still wants to see Terry. Nice mention of the OK's new house, although putting it as large as ROR would be a little overdoing it. Nice mention of Nadya Petrov, and her macabre-centered books. (A title like 1000 ways Medieval Arcane Resurrection would be nice) I bet she's reading necromancy or other torture-related book at the moment. Ah Miss Carlton. I loved what you mentioned about her and how she doted on the OK gang. (make a Jaws Theta Chi member cry? That's no small feat) The image of the members of the OK gang partying like crazy after they got the house was a hilarious image I could never get out of my head. That was so in character with them. Nice cameo of Claire and Brock, by the way. I also like how you show the other frats and sororities reaction, and the cameo of George Sanderson was pretty good. HSS and EEK, guess they saw something golden in OK that they want to get for themselves. XD

Homesickness...ah. The conversation was tear-inducing, and it shows the mother's love can never be replaced. I liked the way the OK gang chattered about how they spend their times in Squishy's mom house, and the habits they have adopted. The later escalation of making noise was downright hilarious, and I was giggling throughout the whole scene. Nice way of showing the other frats and sororities reactions to the eventual waking up. I am sure the HSS ones were borderling on murderous. (I was wondering if the ROR have soft cores, like being dressed in kid-like PJs) XD

Looks like Naomi Jackson is facing some competition this semester for Terry's heart now! Can't wait to see how it develops.

3. The whole chase scene was pretty good. I especially loved the moment Theo was riding Archie for a while before being tossed aside. Thank goodness for his roommate Marbus. At least Theo has an express ride to the JOX party now. XD Would be better if Marbus was described a little in what he looks like. XD I also laughed so hard at Theo's comment, so he was the one who coined the phrase of Laura's wingspan. XD

Nice conversation with Sherry, and yes, they TOTALLY SHOULD STEAL FT'S FLAG NEXT TIME! I liked Laura's expression when she saw archie, that was so in character with her! 

Laura was still causing some big problems to those she would meet in future. Guess she had a lot to make up to them four soon enough. Hehe, meeting Johnny again, guess he ain't letting her go so easily. I noticed some scenes were just like Sulley's, like the ping pong table and the pizza slice, as well as the football moment. Guess she took the MU's football gang's football! XD

Terry meeting Naomi again! That was unexpected, but I loved it. I can't help but feel a moment of un-described connection between them both at that scene.

Ah the sorority competition moment after Laura let loose her roar. Nice way of showing Laura getting into the MU mood after she has reunited with archie as well as the comments by OK gang, Sulley and Mike. I like the moment of competition between Rosie and Delgado, and Johnny Worthington is back to himself again. Chet is still like an overexcited sports fan, I can see, and that's what I liked about him. I guess Johnny may think that he has found his "one" but the OK gang and Mike and Sulley certainly don't think so. Terry's comment was spot on and sarcastic! Archie knows something is wrong, and I liked that moment.

Nice way of introducing Laura to her heroes. And I also like don's change on his card from sales to scarer, which shows his development from the film. Squishy is so shy! I loved that scene. The final scene of Johnny and Squishy comments as well as Mike's rebuke was also well done, and I liked the fact that Laura ignored Johnny to talk with Mike, Sulley and the OK gang. Nice going chet, you just made your boss a little more hateful of you now. XD

Guess the competition is heating up! Can't wait for next chapter!


1) Nice song, and the reference for Katy was so damn awesome!

2) Nice usage of the HSS and EEK characters, which shows their characters in the right light and their personalities very well. There are more sororities and Frats right? I hope to see them too if possible! XD
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
You're welcome. ;)

1. Yeah, truly anti-social by choice. 

Archie gets the kisses every boy could only DREAM they could receive from Laura. :XD:

Yes, after all, Mike and Sulley(mainly Mike) were the biggest reason Laura decided to transfer. ;)

I love the Smile Squad. Ray never even mentioned HIS name in the movie.^^;

Yeah, one thing that Laura tends to do: hyperventilate. A la Princess Atta if not a littl worse... ^^;

Yeah, you could just HEAR Ashley Tisdale scream. :XD:

Yeah, a pretty can make you screw up your words. :XD: Fear Tech really is full of dummies if they cost Laura two weeks of missing the semester...

You're welcome. You've capture Dean Hardscrabble perfectly well. ;)

You'll see. Randy plays a HUGE role in the story, of course, and he especially has something special with Laura as you'll see later on. ;)

Like I said, Naomi won't give up. This is from Squishy's perspective as he never even set foot in a fraternity house before, save for ROR's last semester. He's just so in awe that he exaggerated just a bit about the size. No house is bigger than ROR's, but pretty darn close. :D Nadya actually does play a certain role in the story, both a friend and ally in a way. And I just REALLY wanted to add in the reactions of all said sororities and frats from the movie, especially HSS. :D You have to admit, HSS and EEK are totally date-worthy. :XD:

The frats and sororities are completely surprised OK would rather be with mom than their new house with all the rest of Greek row. Yeah, never get between HSS and their beauty sleep. :XD: 

Because Terry is just that hot. :XD:

Yeah, I guess I didn't do Marbus a lot of justice but he'll get more time with Theo in the next chapter. ;)

I just loved how Sulley just stole that slice of pizza from that one monster and shoved the whole thing into his mouth. :XD:

Real eyesore for Terry because he still hasn't forgotten THAT night...

Yeah, if Laura joined HSS...she wouldn't need to wear black. And if she had joined EEK...well, she would look good in a purple jacket. :XD: 

Yeah, Don's card change in the end of the movie was one of the proudest character development scenes there was. It's nice to know he still hands those cards out, as said in the book. :) Yeah, Mike's rebuttal was heavily inspired by his 'But when you lose, no one will let you forget it' comeback, totally owning Worthington. :XD: 

2) Like I said, other frats and sororities will be subtle as I can't exactly grasp what they might look like. Because, let's remember, OK is the ONLY diverse group in MU, every other team is stuck to a 'status quo'. ^^;
victortky Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
I don't know why, but I am so PUMPED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER! XD

1. Which brings to mind a bookworm like Twilight Sparkle.

Oh sure, Archie is in the place every male monster who admires Laura dreamed to be EVERY SINGLE TIME.

And meeting them was definitely a check on her checklist! (if she has one)

Same here, the smile squad reminds me of a group of students who did the same thing when I was welcomed to Polytechnic. Well, you can change the name in your story now to Ray who gives Laura the dorm keys! I guess it was an oversight on Pixar's part.

And Johnny Worthington is the one who notices that of all monsters. 

That must have been awful to hear Ashley Tisdale scream in that voice.

Hehe, and squishy is so adorable at this scene. True...I wonder if the term dummy has been associated with FearTech as a slang. LOLZ They are rivals with MU so much, and they should have done it better for Laura. XD 

Thanks, I just put in my 2 cents for Dean Hardscrabble for basing a small speech off her personality and mannerisms.

I hope we see more of Randy, and how the RORs react to him after the previous Scare Games, and what happened to him after the events of MU. ooh, a special something. I liked it, can't wait to see.

I hope there is a resolution to Naomi's subplot later. I see, a little exaggeration is okay, and you captured it well. Nadya's role seems interesting, and I hope to see her in more scenes. And you have done it so well, I do like how you described each frat and sorority expressions and feelings towards OK's new home. (HSS was pretty good!) For me, EEK is pretty much okay aside from the training sessions. HSS...I am fearful, to be honest.

True, but as we all know, a mother's love is the antidote to a bout of homesickness. Somehow I can imagine HSS being dressed in Hogwarts-like robes for the night LOLZ. XD

Terry? Oh he sure is indeed! Love his tricks!

Well, I don't mind as you have done a lot for this chapter, but a little description of Marbus playing a little game with some other monsters (either football, or on a outside table with MonsterHammer figurines on a board), and then he catching sight of Theo and rushed to the rescue. Awesome, I hope to see more of his relationship with Theo, as well as his love interest Sephira. XD

The monster that he took the pizza from isn't very happy. XD And so are the two guys (Javier is one of them) whose ping pong table is broke by sulley!

And the memories come rushing back for Terry, as well as the fearful dance with the Dean that THE WHOLE UNIVERSITY WILL NEVER LIVE IT DOWN.

If Laura joined HSS, she doesn't need any black, because she's midnight blue. (does she like Goth?) And if she joined EEK, hmm...she would definitely look good in a purple jacket. (does she exercise a lot?)

That was a nice character development moment for Don, and I loved that scene a lot. It has become a habit due to his salesperson. (Do you know during computer class, Don's sticky tentacles got stuck to the keyboard and mouse that he accidentally pulled them up with his hands?) Mike's rebuttal was still awesome, and that owns Worthington at its finest. (Oh, and Chet's comment always add a little icing on the cake.)

A little idea for what happened if Marbus (with Theo and his football teammates) was present at another time when Johnny tried to approach Laura again (like the pics you have drawn), he would politely tell Worthington something along the lines of "The lady has already said no worthington, I think you better respect her decision."

2) True, I bet they would be like the ones seen in the film, with OK being the diverse one. The renewed Scare Games would be an interesting one, with some teams having 5 members, while others have 6 members.

I would love to see a scene of the OK gang with Mike and Sulley tucking in dinner at the OK's new house, with Sherri Carlton cooking food for all of them, and engaging in a game of Basement and Babies in the living room party central.

Would be hilarious to see Laura knocking on Marbus's and Theo's room door to ask for something and saw him and Theo poring over a small table with a MonsterHammer game board on it, their faces scrunched up in concentration.

Would also love to see other class teachers and their lessons! XD As well as the Greek Council and clubs showcase!

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