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Post MU-Life's a Scream! Chapter 5 by Cartuneslover16 Post MU-Life's a Scream! Chapter 5 by Cartuneslover16

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Cliffhanger! :lol:

Special thanks to my good friend and fellow MU fan :iconvictortky: for helping me out with some of the scenes in this chapter, especially the dialogue for the twins' fight! ;)

More George Sanderson! He's a real sweetie! :aww:

:bulletpurple: The song that Katy and Terri and Terry were dancing to was my favorite song from an old Playstation 2 game I played, Bust-a-Groove 2, called 'Happy Heart in the Sunshine'.…

:bulletyellow: If anyone's curious, this is what Colette's dress kind of looks like in which she wore for the JOX party.…

:star: Also, I hope you know your frats and sororities other than ROR and OK if you had watched Monsters University, if not, here are the Greek portraits that show the characters that were featured in this chapter:

Jaws Theta Chi, aka JOX…

Slugma Slugma Kappa, aka EEK…

Eta Hiss Hiss, aka HSS…

Python Nu Kappa, aka PNK…

I'd keep an eye out for Debbie Gabler and Javier Rios if I were you. :giggle:

Stay tuned for chapter 6! ;)
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TheJayster49 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll admit, the main criticism I have for Laura is that she tends to make a HUGE deal out of the tiniest of her problems. Mike did make a point when he pointed out that her fears are, in fact, real phobias but I kinda suggest toning it down just a tad (though I probably might be a bit late for that suggestion).

Mrs. Carlton is too nice, to the point of hilarity (though that's most likely the joke lol).

And WHAT is Terry's problem?! I mean, it's understandable that he's upset about a prank but you'd think he'd get over it. As hypocritical as it may be, considering that I too take things more personally, but at least I don't burst into flames like Terry (even though I kinda wish I did to certain people).
Colurdures2 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014
Chapter five and you continue to give a well detailed story. For each action, dialogue and action you spared no expense in giving an in depth look.

I Loved when Lura confronted Sully. Frankly I did not see that coming. 

You never cease to surprise me my friend. 
Jabamaca Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
I want chapter 6 now! Please...
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
It's already up. 
PerryRocks Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This chapter didn't cease to amuse me; It was hilarious XDD Poor Laura though with her panic attacks. I know there were some parts in here that made me bust out laughing, but it's been a while since I've read this chapter that I've forgotten which ones o-o 

DJKFLDSJFKSLFJSKDLFJDDKSLFJKFSDLF perry twins bbys nooo ;-; what happened to theeemmm
UltraJohn567 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
I got a feeling that Terry MIGHT get what he wished for.
victortky Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013

Truth be told, I read this not once, but three times to see the sheer amount of effort you have put into this Fanfiction. And I must say, you have crafted another beautiful chapter dedicated to the Oozmas, Exceedas, as well as the frats and sororities in the Monsters University film. I appreciate the effort, and it seems that you have done another exciting chapter again.


Hoo boy, Laura's heart to heart moment comes off more like a stern parent chiding a naive child, or dare I put it, an interrogation towards Sulley. The way her words came out is like a knife cutting Sulley's heart apart piece by piece, and incredibly slowly. I like how you wrote the way Laura chewed Sulley out by mentioning what he did wrong in the film, as well as using his renowned heritage as a way to show off himself and disregard ever having other monsters to help him along the way. I was quite shocked when Sulley actually fell on his knees and practically begged for forgiveness or something like that after Laura has chewed him out painfully with her words...and let's not mention the glare she has on her face during that scene, and nice touch with the unsheathing of her fangs and claws. The whole scene makes me feel bad for Sulley, and I am glad Laura actually later told him that she really saw through what he really meant, and that makes a continuity nod to Monsters Inc about Sulley being a big softie at heart. I am really glad the animosity between them has been settled, and I just find it a little unsettling that no one else (maybe Mike?) has heard the entire conversation between Laura and Sulley.


More OK goodness. I adore the scene with the cake, as well as the members of the OK gang and EZ gang talking to each other and expanding on their personalities and relationships. Looks like Monnie is slowly realising her feelings for Randall, and all she needs now is a little push to get the romance going. Oh, and I noticed one thing: Knight said that Mike's Orge Slump is the best he has ever seen not Zombie Snarl.


I don't know why, Mrs Carlton reminds me very much of my grandmother. Must be the greeting of others and the cleaning part. The whole scene made me giggle, especially the way she compliments the various sororities and fraternities while cleaning the poison urchin, and I especially love her comments regarding Brynn, Donna, Rosie, and many others. The reactions are also quite funny too, and I also love her name calling of Dean Hardscrabble and Knight. Ooh, the Dean has worn something on her neck...I wonder if it's a souvenir from her HSS days...and I am sure Mrs Carlton is the life and joy of the Frat Row now! (wait, she always has been since the new semester started)


Love the scene in class with Worthington (NOT THAT WAY!) and Carla. Really did give insight on Carla being the nagging third party member, while obviously Johnny was trying to gain Laura's attention. And Laura's really uncomfortable with him around.


Nice reference to the briefing with the Oozmas in the film! I do like the subtle references to the conversation Mike has with the Oozmas when Laura talked with her sorority. I simply love how you show the EZ's girls ways of showing off their abilities, really fit in tune with their characters and personalities. Finally Monnie's extra two arms are revealed, and I love Colette's comments throughout the conversation. And I also like the mentions of the other frats and sororities doing their own training for the next event of the Scare Games. Mike is like a drill sergeant, and I also like how you mention Randall coping with the training, and the differences between his life in ROR and in OK, the distinct difference is there.


"Great Glob of Goo" I just love this phrase quite a lot...and it's nice to see it being used again. Oh, and it's not Breath,'s breathe, breathe. I love how you have shown the panic attack again, and I am sure Mike and Squishy are really shocked at that scene. Thank god for Carla to help Laura get over her panic attack. I especially love the conversation between Mike, Squishy and Laura before the panic attack, really shows the comradeship and how Laura admires Mike. How did Colette even get her nails stuck on the troll Bridge? Is her nails curved or something? Nice try for the EZ girls on their roaring skills, and Laura's definitely got her roar pegged down as legendary. Oh, Johnny again...he's obviously making Laura uncomfortable, and I like the fact that Carla has helped bring him away before he makes Laura awkward, and he better knows what he's doing before Laura sues him for sexual harrassment. I wonder what's Mike's idea before he was cut off by Colette's shout!


Hehe, nice to see JOX make an appearance. I love how you show them being changed people, and having respect for the OK fraternity. Hehe, love the mention of Pizza planet at this scene. I like the shy and bashful George mentioned in this scene too, and I am sure he is really liking Colette, as evidenced from the flashback. Nice mention of Big Red's girlfriend Flora, and I know what the Perry twins are going to prepare for the talent contest! Oh awkward moment for George, he needs to man up and talk to Colette!


Are the Cassie Underbed, Spiked Girls, Chemi Crowbite-o monsterified names of real life song artists?  I haven't listened to Happy Heart in sunshine, so I am not familiar with it, but I am liking the lyrics so far! Such a nice bonding moment between the Perry twins and Katy, I loved it so much. Poor heart is breaking for her again, guess she still needs to find ways to win back Terry's heart before it's too late.


Johnny is back to his ways of getting to talk to Laura, and I kinda liked the idea, and Chet is ever the yes-man to him. Looks like Monnie is really beginning to be jealous of Laura of tasting Randy's cupcakes, and I like the scene as it shows the relationships between the characters very well, I especially loved the appearance of omar as well as how Ms Carlton gave him something to eat. I also like the mental thoughts of Monnie, and it really shows her feelings of envy towards Laura and Randall, albeit unintentional. Yeah, it is not very pleasant to see someone you like with someone else. Debbie being part of astronomy club, that is so fitting! And I love the standoff between chet and Brynn, as well as Carla helping to bail Laura out of Johnny's uncomfortable moment with her when she caught archie. Hehe, Debbie encounter with Javier was interesting, and I like the fact that she's the smallest of EEK, but she always wanted to show how tall she can possibly be. And the cupcake sharing moment was one of my favourites, really shows the bonding moment and nice comment from Laura, but Monnie is getting jealous! Hope it works out for them both!


I love the encounter between Brynn and Colette, so sweet and I hope Colette can figure out a dress that will suit Brynn perfectly (I WANT HER TO WEAR THE EG COSTUME YOU DESIGNED!), and I hope to see more expansion on this. Nice prep talk for George coming from Mike and I loved the scene very much, and I was also laughing at George's fall near the end. But guess things got off smoothly later on. Nice flashback too for George, and I like the conversation for him with Mike and Sulley. Guess the JOX brother has a soft spot after all, and birds watching (how did you get the idea?) is ingenious! I also loved the input of my sentence near the end for George, and I hope he will become an official couple with colette.


Guess the competition for Terry Perry's heart is heating up. Naomi will need to work hard to win his heart with so much competition coming her way. Nice conversation between Percy and Nadya...I like how they talk about Naomi's relationship with Terry and nice reference to the event in the library last chapter. Hehe, glad the idea of Violet being Percy's cousin is being used, and they could potentially be a couple if handled right, and I like the jab about the EEK girls being too sporty for their dates. And I adore their admiration for the OK gang as seen in the fanfic, which is really well done. Going back to Naomi, I am sure her heart is full of despair and jealousy now, and why is she sickened if Terry chose Sonia? Oh dear, that's gonna leave a stain, and I hope Naomi can get it washed off, and thank Nadya for being such a friend to her.


Cupcakes! Randall got his wish at last! I was laughing at Art's comment when he grabbed a "B" and a "S" and put them together, spelling the acronym for <censored>, and I like how you describe the students flocking to Randall's food. That was so heartwarming and complimenting Randall was definitely better than how he was treated in the film. Hehe, thanks for having Theo, Marbus and Sephira here, and I like the conversation between them all, although I will see what I can do to make the scene more enjoyable.


Oh Brock, why are you so likeable? And Claire's personality is spot on! XD Thanks for incorporating the scene I added for Laura, and I like how Katy and Mike convinced her to go to the party! As well as Mike's encouraging comment that references the movie to the ROR party at the doorstep! Love how you describe the whole JOX house, as well as the meeting Laura had with Brock and Claire, as well as getting cupcakes from Randall. I am guessing Monnie really is jealous! XD Love the hugging moment between Brock and Laura, and nice mention of Brock hugging Donna, which was really hilarious. Ah, I can see Claire being a little jealous of the moment, but it's a nice character scene for her. I simply love the talk between Laura, Squishy and Flora, really delves into their personalities very well. Oh and the monster that is hanging on the lights is named Kenneth Bird, according to the Fearbook.


Mrs Carlton is being awesome again! And nice cameo of Zane Xiao, the ping pong champion! XD I was laughing throughout the whole scene, and I liked the moment Javier was put in his place by going easy on "Grandma"! Laura being struck by a ping pong ball was unexpected, and I can see Johnny being a little offended by that. And the previous flirting part with Laura again was simply uncomfortable to say the least. Hehe, that was so hilarious between Debbie and Javier, and I like this little exchange, as well as Brynn's and Chet's moment.


Holy Goo...I wasn't expecting this cliffhanger. I do like the mention of Mike and Sulley being helpers...although a little too convenient. And yes, I was laughing at Theo's scoff when he remembered being poisoned by the exploding urchins. I like how you have mentioned the Perry twins experiences in the past, and the conversation between them which was chock full of references to the essential guide and the conversation we had. Thanks for adding those, and I love the commentary as well as personalities shown by each of the twins in this scene. I especially love how you wrote Terry and how he despises Naomi and the PNK in this scene, really well shown in his dialogue, hope he can change his perception soon. Oh dear, the explosion is not good, and I hope they won't get hurt too badly...or OK would have to be taken out of the Scare Games.


As usual, excellent work. I will be noting you with more scenes and suggestions soon. Can't wait for next chapter for more university shenanigans, romance and shipping, more frat and sorority fun, and the "Avoid the Parent" event of the Scare Games!

Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
I think there's a trope for 'background characters don't hear or see a thing'...Laura's personality doesn't only consists at timidness, it's like when she was a little girl. 

I added that because Zombie Snarl was MY favorite...:XD:

I guess Colette was born with such nails...just like how I was born with nails that grow REALLY fast even after cutting them down to the skin. :XD:

Yes, Carrie Underwoord, Spice Girs, and Demi Lovato. ;) I linked the song, listen to it and you'll see. :) 

Well, George looks like the kind of guy to do such an activity. He's very sweet and gentle, and I'm sure he likes animals. And, just at last-minute, I realize I must have referenced that Pixar short 'For the Birds'. :XD: I really wanted to know what you thought about George during the flashback a little more...

Well, like Ronda's hair used as whips...can you imagine what Sonia could possibly do to Perry? I mean, the words in that sentence 'eyed him hungrily' can imply anything. :XD:

I REALLY wanted to know in your comment about Mike and Sulley's conversation about Laura as they watch her freak out at Flora's joke about her and Big well as the mention of Laura's phobias. And I especially want to know what you thought when both noticed how Laura seems 'scared' of Claire...sorry, those were the scenes I REALLY wanted to know about in you comment here.^^;

I think chapter 6 might not feature the second event...the twins still have to go through medical help and I've already adapted a scene involving everyone's concern. ^^;
victortky Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013


Is the Trope Funny Background Event or something? So Laura's timid personality is part of herself since young, although her more serious self is truly terrifying, as Sulley can see.


Zombie Snarl was pretty good, I do like Mike's Orge Slump too.


Interesting, so her nails grow extremely fast or something? I wonder if her nails can allow her to hang from some surfaces or something. My own hair grows extremely fast...needs a lot of haircuts.


Those are really nice songs, but I am more of a japanese pop songs person XD


I am sure of that, judging from what you have mentioned about him. I can so imagine him lying on the grass of MU, staring at the sky with the birds flying above him...I wonder if he keeps cats or dogs at his home. (Nice reference to "For the Birds"! I like how you have described George and given him a likeable personality. The assistance he has given Mike and Sulley is just so "aww" worthy, and that is the power of friendship at its finest. I also like how you have given the bus driver a cameo scene again, and the description of George when meeting Colette in the previous chapter flashback was perfect! XD I loved how you have written him in this chapter, and I hope to see his relationship with Colette expanded further upon.


Out of the HSS, I had a gut feeling that Rhonda is masochistic...and some fans also pegged Rosie as too. Other than the fact that Sonia can secrete ink through her pores which were used for tattooing, not much is known about her. And the words in that sentence "eyed him hungrily" can be taken out of context very easily, and I can't imagine what Sonia could possibly do to Terry, although I am sure his brother would be preferably asleep during "that". And the words, when I do see those, is most definitely when a girl really, really wanted the boy a romantic sense. (I hope)


Regarding the comment on Mike and Sulley's comment about Laura, it was really well thought out and fits in line with their individual personalities, and they also shed insight on how they view Laura (especially Sulley - refer to first scene of Chapter Five) and her hard work in keeping the sorority together. The mention of Laura's phobias is also an eye-opener, and Mike is true about her needing to improve on her self-esteem and learn to trust her friends and instincts. It was a really good scene, and I liked Mike's comment on Laura's freak out when Flora joke about her and Big Red, and the fear of heights comment from Mike was interesting too. And I am glad he has faith in Laura. XD


On the topic of Laura being 'scared' by Claire, I would feel fear when Claire loses her cool. And since she and Brock are the "official" couple, she would definitely feel jealousy when Brock is with other girls when she considered him to be her boyfriend. You have made that scene very well...especially with Claire, which shows her flicker of jealousy...but I just love Brock's expressions and actions in that scene, which is so awesome! The hug was so funny and heartwarming, and so is the expression on Laura's face at that scene.


I see...I am sure they would need some patching up, and some soul-searching instead of bickering. Awesome. I hope to see Naomi's and Katy's, as well as the OK Gang and EZ Gang. Perhaps some other characters would be good too.

Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
Yeah, I think that's the one. :D Think of it like 'Good Cop/Bad Cop'. :XD:

Yeah, something like that. She files them to keep at a certain point. :D

Well, the game was edited when it arrived in the US, and here's the Japanese version of that song…

I'm sure he is a real animal lover who might have had a pet or two when he was a child, like Laura. :D I know, he is just SO lovable! :aww:

Trust me, both Sonia and Maria really want Terry...but let's face it that Sonia CRAVES for him more. :XD:

Like Mike said, it's a work in progress. For Sulley, although his ordeal was terrifying, more of THAT side of Laura from the first part of this chapter might just be better...

Well, there's actually a reason much deeper why Laura is afraid of Claire, and no, she's not aware that Claire might POSSIBLY like Brock. Trust me, there's more to Laura than there seems...and that won't be revealed until AFTER everyone is paired up. :XD:

Yeah, trust me, they're going to need a LOT of patching up after that can imagine Katy's feelings to the situation. ^^;
victortky Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
I see. So I can add that trope for characters who don't notice anything? Hehe, I think it's more like Good Laura and Laura of Fear.

hehe, I can so see colette having an extensive collection of nail products.

wow, I am sure that music piece is pretty awesome!

I am sure George would have keep a pet or two. You can't hate him, YOU CAN ONLY LOVE HIM.

Hehe, I am sure Sonia is craving for some Terry attention more and more soon. 

I am sure it is definitely WIP. Well, if Laura can use the confidence she has in the first part of this chapter, the scare games would be a little easier.

Hmm...interesting, I am sure I would looking forward to the reason why laura is afraid of claire. I see, so that is the case. I hope to see it laura is more than meets the eye.

They will need A LOT. That plus decontamination (less painful I hope) Katy would be distraught...not to mention Naomi.
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
Definitely. ;)

Great, now I'm motivated to make a 'Terry Craves' picture featuring both Maria and Sonia and what they WANT in the guy. :XD:

They won't even FEEL anything...they're a bit comatose. ^^; Oh, yeah, Katy and Naomi would be devastated beyond belief. 
victortky Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
hehe, she's probably also exchanging beauty tips and products with other girls around MU, and maybe she sells mascara to the HSS. XD

I don't know why, but this two phrases from transformers animated fits Maria and Terry Perry (in what she wants in the guy)

Maria: Oooh, I like a man who works fast!
Terry Perry: And I like a girl who likes to take it slow. 

About Sonia, I am not sure, but I think she just loves the way Terry makes those interesting expressions of his (in the film).

I presume so...but I am sure one thing they will feel once awake: PAIN, AND LOTS OF IT.

I think I can imagine Naomi being distracted from her revising with her sisters and ran off immediately once she heard the explosion.
Cartuneslover16 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2013
Trust me, she has a closetful of make-up! :XD:

Never really watched the series, but that is funny. :XD:

Yeah, he is just SO cute when he's annoyed. :XD:

Mostly emotional pain...

No, she's in class with the building right across from where the explosion took place. ^^;
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Zexoguy Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
For real this time...

Yeah, Mrs. C! Thanks for taking it easy on 'Grandma.' :D

Oh, wow! If that "BOOM!" means what I think it means, then this is about to get even more interesting, if such a thing is possible.

Excellent chapter. Can't wait for chapter 6.
UniversesCollideInc Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013
This chapter is excellent. Well paced with good character interactions and development. And WOW; what a cliffhanger!
You're probably not going to do it but I could just see the next chapter opening with Terry waking up and discovering he got his wish to be separated from his twin and DEEPLY regretting ever saying such a thing.
Zexoguy Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
I'm back.

Oh, Georgie. You'd think somebody had called 23-19 on him.

I'm not familiar with that song (I'll listen to it later), but they sure do seem happy dancing to it. :)

I know just how Monnie feels. It's not easy seeing someone you like with somebody else.

Atta boy, Georgie!

Man, the amount of shipping here knows no bounds, does it?

I'm not always good in social settings either, Laura. You're not alone.

To be continued...
SwordSparks Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, Monnie is definitely feeling something for Randy.
Zexoguy Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
I'm commenting as I read:

I'm so glad Laura finally had a heart-to-heart with Sulley. Well, more like a teeth-to-heart since she chewed him out so much. And I'm really glad she didn't act so smart about making him grovel like that because that kind of thing just pisses me off when people use others' emotions like that. But I'm glad that's settled.

Ha. Just like a soccer mom to embarrass the kids out loud. At least she embarrassed them all equally (except ROR).

I have a few guesses of what each of the EZ girls' advantages are. For example, Colette, being a fashionista, might also be a pretty good model, which would mean she knew a lot of awesome poses. She could be incredibly flexible, giving her the capability to hide just about anywhere in a kid's room. Plus those talon-like claws of hers.

"Great glob of goo!"? Can't say I've heard that one.

I bet if Katy uses her vocal chords to roar the way she does when she sings, her roar would be awesome. And I don't mean like sing the roar.

Johnny's lucky Laura didn't sue him for sexual harassment.

Pizza Planet? Even in the monster world? That is AWESOME!

(It's late, so I'll finish this tomorrow.)
BenJJedi Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
I got a pretty big laugh out of the 'BS' cupcakes part. Knowing Art, I'm pretty sure he'd do something like that. :giggle:

Now I just hope the Perry twins end up okay...
uay778 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
.......boom? (worried face)
HannajimaShields Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2013
Best birthday ever I GOT TO READ A NEW CHAPTER! I really like how Laura progressed with Sulley, thats good that they got baby steps. Poor Laura man she is stressing out. I feel so worried for her when she starts to freak out it reminds me so much of my old anixety attacks. I hope she finds a good medium and realizes she is an amazing person.  Oh Collete and George are going to be my fave couple thats just so adorkable!  HOLY COW TERRY AND TERRI YIKES MEDIC NURSE SOMEONE GET THEM TO A DOCTOR!
Energywitch Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013

Great chapter!


I liked how Laura finally made amends and talked with Sulley. Though she'll have to talk to Randy about his issue on what happened hopefully she can explain things to him and all plus Monnie shouldn't give in to the greeneyed monster. Ya can't force someone to like ya, you have to earn it and it's really your crush's choice on he chooses the special girl.  



Oh crud!! The Perry twins, I hope they're alright... 

whitelighter5 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
Aww George likes Colette too. And good for Laura for finally seeing the good in Sulley - shame Randy's not so forgiving. But it's seems like he's the only one with jealousy issues...

But Zoinks at the cliffhanger ending!
xXAMemetic-EngineBXx Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Nice good. ;)
CadetotheEndFTW Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2013
First to comment :icongoodjobplz: 
Great chapter btw :D
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