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February 22, 2013
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I'm so happy for you, BSBPFF! by Cartuneslover16 I'm so happy for you, BSBPFF! by Cartuneslover16
Twilight fought her hardest not to let the tears seep and land upon the rich silk of her outfit as the young human child embraced her.

Little Rocky, her BLSFF, did the same, not wanting to let her tears slide in front of everyone.

But each other's lips quivered as they embraced each other even closer, knowing how each and every life has changed because of Twilight's coronation.

She was now a princess...but deep down, the unicorn knew that she always was a princess.

Every girl was a princess, regardless of rank or even appearance.

How could Twilight forget that Sara Crewe story she would sometimes read to Rocky and Spike when it was close to bedtime?

A Little Princess

It was the same story she shared with Discord, her best friend who found himself relative to character from such an old book. Right now, he showering the entire royal hallway with tiny candies and sprinkles, which, surprisingly, was no bother to even the most uptight ponies of Canterlot.

Of course, they had to respect it. This was Discord, the famous Spirit of Chaos and mainly Chaotic Order. And this was Twilight's little 'party'.

And she loved candies.

Just as she loved Rocky, who didn't loosen her hold on her. Neither did the unicorn.

"You did it, Twilight," Rocky whispered to her, voice heavy with the need to just sob with joy.

The unicorn smiled tearfully, nuzzling her chin atop of the little girl's head.

"I couldn't have done it without my friends," she corrected happily, "I couldn't have gone this far without any of you. Especially you, Rocky."

Rocky just smiled, drinking in her words that lifted her heart higher than even Cloudsdale.

Well, I'm never going to get the BBBFF abbreviation out of my head! :XD: So here's what MY abbreviations stand for in case you have no idea! :lol:

BLSFF: Best Little Sister [and] Friend Forever

BSBPFF: Big Sister Best Pony [and] Friend Forever

I'm probably ACTUALLY going to make that oneshort crossover story, and that up there is perhaps my excerpt, aka spoiler. :XD:

Yeah, for those who are mightly confused and haven't known me too long, you'll probably have to read my previous crossover stories "Earthworm Zim" and "Chaotic Order" :iconarrowleftplz: that is the crossover version of my MLP FIM story "Discordant Feelings". Pretty mucha universe where nearly every cartoon you can think of resides in one universe, with the exception that some more complicated shows live in their OWN universes that it relies mainly on dimensional travel or scientific accident. :XD:

Well, you guys already saw my journal, stating my entire opinion for Season 3 itself, so I have no need to go EVERY word to word. :lol:

I LOVED Season 3, it was such a BIG improvement over Season 2, and the finale, "Magical Mystery Cure" was the best episode, second after my ultimate S3 favorite "Apple Family Reunion". The last episode made me cry, but also made me SO proud of Twilight. She totally deserved it and I can only wonder what Season 4 is like. I'm SO excited! Twilight looks even more beautiful as an alicorn! She has awesome wings! :aww:

So many words to describe the third season, guys, but I do have one word to describe the entirety of it:

Amazing. :nod:

And it's given me SO many ideas for upcoming work in my cartune universe, and while the oneshort crossover story is definitely going to happen now, I will see how I can tweak and splice other characters in the duration of most of the episodes of Season 3. Well, there may be an exception for some episodes, such as 'Keep Calm and Flutter On', because I kept the events of my 'Chaotic Order' story into my cartune universe WAY before this episode got featured on YouTube(yeah, sorry!). :XD:

Other than that, I'm just so, so, SO happy for Twilight. Princess Twilight. :w00t:

Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Lauren Faust
My OC Rocky for Codename: Kids Next Door, created by Tom Warburton
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Twilight that's not your sister :(

KairoAnyi Oct 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Cuteness Overload Begins In 3...........2.................1 :iconcutenessoverloadplz:
eekiwi Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist
I read the summary top to bottom and I didn't see anything on who the little girl was from.
Way bottom for copyright mention. 
eekiwi Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist
Oh ok. Now I see.
What show are they from

Read summary top to bottom. 
starfightxx Jun 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
you should do one of mordecai finding out she is a princess i bet that would WOW him!!
no.....APPROVED BY 6000000000000000000% The La-ma What Does The Fox Say 
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