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The bell of the pet shop tolled and the brunette looked up from her register and smiled.

"Hello, Mrs. Harmounian," Lol greeted. Then she smiled at the goat that stood beside the elderly woman. "And hello, Mitzy." The goat gave a happy bleat as it smiled.

"Hello, dear," Oz's mom greeted, "just here to buy Mitzy's usual."

"A sack of crab grass pellets, coming right up!" Lol said cheerfully as she bent down and dragged a large bag out from underneath her storage cabinet. She hauled it over to the woman, and was stunned when Oz's mom was able to hold it in her delicate, aged hands.

"Oh, you are such a sweetheart," the old woman smiled at her. She handed her the money as well as some extra. "Keep the change, dear. Galaxy Hills has become even more happy since you and Winn have begun living here."

Lol took the money gratefully just as Red came into the shop with a large crate in his hands.

"The new pets have arrived," he announced, "let's hope these little suckers don't multiply too much."

He placed the crate down and gently opened it.

"Oh, you finally got new rabbits!" All turned to see Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle and Spike approach the shop just in time to see Red take something white and fury out of the crate.

"Oh, they're wonderful, Red!" Lol exclaimed as she gazed lovingly at the pet store's newest additions. She turned to Twilight. "Twilight, thanks for taking care of Soldier for us."

"Hey, he's way better than Fluttershy's rabbit," Spike said boastfully as he stood beside the violet unicorn with Soldier in his hands.

"Oh, Spike, you don't really mean that," Fluttershy said softly. She gazed at the rabbits in the crate. "It's really nice that you're getting new pets, especially since the last ones..." She stopped right there, her lip quivering a bit.

Oz's mom gazed at the yellow-skinned pegasus sadly before turning to Red. "I presume you've buried each and every one of them in a nice area?"

Red nodded. "Yes..." He sighed. "In Rocky's town, there's a nice pet cemetery." He played with his hands nervously. "Even though I'm new to this church stuff, I've been around Voltura long enough to know how to give a prayer of peace for them..."

The elderly woman patted his side, giving him a supportive smile. "And I just know they are smiling down on you from the animal Heaven."

Lol smiled at Red as Fluttershy helped her take the rabbits out to put them into their new cage. It had just been a few days since her new store had been built, and business in Galaxy Hills has become so much better than she had done back in Quahog. Every person in town was a friend to her and Winn, and the brunette knew she had found a true place to call home.

If only Soldier could find one...

Lol turned to the rabbit in Spike's hands. A survivor of such a fate...he deserved a family that would truly take care of him. She shuddered as she recalled Peter Griffin having at one point call the rabbit he bought from her "dinner". She tried not to think about it.

"Looks like school is still in session," Twilight said as she gazed at the clock. "I wonder how Winn's doing with her new job."
"So you're worried about that?" Winn asked as she sat behind the desk of her new office.

Chris Chuggy looked at her sadly and nodded. "Wah wah wah...wah wah..." He stated quietly.

"I see..." The blonde stroked her chin. "Well, there are times when we're all nervous about something. And this thing you're worried about sounds like something I had to go through when I was your age." She smiled at the redhead child. "A little confidence just might help you."

Chris Chuggy smiled widely, taking her honest words in. "Wah wah wah wah!" He said happily. He raced over and gave her a hug.

Winn smiled as she returned the embrace. "Aw, you're welcome!"

James Woods High can just suck it with its horrid students compared to the kind, loving children in Galaxy Hills Elementary. And this school pays better, as well.

After Chris left the office, Winn laid back in her chair, taking in the freshness and calmness of her new office; it looked so much bigger compared to her old one back in Quahog. She loved her new job, just as she loved the children and faculty in this wonderful school.

"Knock knock."

Just as she loved her alien.

The blonde smiled as she looked over to see Purple leaning against the doorway, smiling at her. He was wearing his human disguise clothes, and Winn suddenly realized that Purple was no longer a janitor as he was back in Quahog; he had quit his job as soon as she had quit hers.

But that was fine, it's not like he intended to be a janitor forever; he only took the job to hide his alien character. He was a leader on his planet, and that was bigger than any job here on Earth.

When he and Red were going to have to go back to their planet and explain their absence, Winn wasn't sure. But all worry melted away as soon as her alien came over and kissed her forehead.

"Burrito?" He offered, holding a Frosty Mart brand bag.

"Didn't the first time you came in contact with a burrito it nearly burned your skin off?" She teased as he handed her one.

"Boog spit at me on accident," Purple confessed with a chuckle, "though he didn't mean to do that as well as call my leader attire a dress...Rocky was not merciful."

"I always knew Boog was a pig," Winn said through a mouthful of burrito.

"So how's your job?" He asked.

"OMG, it's the best!" Winn exclaimed happily. "No punk kids on my back, a principal I can actually get along with, and no Alejandro!"

"Yeah, I think he's just starting at that insane institution," Purple scratched his head. "I don't think he is ever going to forget the real me."

"He can die there for all I care," Winn said coldly. "Right now, I've just enjoying my new job with these kids who cause no trouble."


Startled, the two ran over to the window to see what had happened. They were shocked when they saw a Griffin, an actual Griffin, standing in the playground.

They spotted Kyle, holding his wand as he gazed at the monstrous bird in astonishment. He turned and smiled nervously at them.

"I finally did it," he chuckled nervously, "I finally summoned a Griffin properly."

Winn and Purple looked at each other. Then laughed.

At least the trouble here in Galaxy Hills was all good and fun.
"Thank you, Dollarnator, this looks beautiful," Lol said as she held the lovely pot of flowers for her store.

The machine of the future shifted with a grin; if his cheeks weren't metal people would have sworn he was blushing. "It is no problem," he said in his usual thick accent. "The future of this store is in perfect condition, I was merely trying to make it more perfect. With flowers of the future!" He chuckled. "Apparently, there was a sale at the flower shop on Wednesday, and, you know, being a time machine and all, I went there at the speed of light."

Lol raised an eyebrow at him, and just smiled. Out of all the citizens of Galaxy Hills, she found Dollarnator the most interesting, even more interesting than Kyle the wizard or Man-Artica, whom had stopped by the shop earlier to pick up some food for his fish.

Despite being made of a broken arcade game machine, a hot dog steamer, and other various appliances, Lol found him a kind individual and a sweet friend. She had to admit that when she and Winn first met him, they were a bit frightened because of his appearance, but now they could see he was even more human than half the people of Quahog.

"I could also bring some pets from the future if you like," the machine offered. "I could bring a mutated fish with three eyes. Yeah, it's the pet of 2021."

Lol cringed at the thought of a fish with three eyes, clearly filled with toxin. "No, that's okay," she insisted, "kids in our time period aren't ready for that."

Red came from around the shop, holding a giant box. "We just got the new birds. And I think one of them is having its egg that's..." His voice trailed off and he looked to both Lol and Dollarnator desperately.

Lol was a bit stunned but Dollarnator came forward. "I'll take this," he insisted as he took the box from him, "I've learned a thousand years worth of animal birth and this is child's play of the future." He opened the box and took sight of it. "Yeah, seen this during the Elizabeth period..."

Red gave a sigh of relief, before nearly getting hit by a fish tank held up in the air by magic.

"Sorry, Red," Twilight said as her horn glowed. She smiled at Lol. "The tank's clean. Fluttershy is just tending to the new fishes before we can put them in."

"Oh, thank you, Twilight," Lol said gratefully.She checked her watch. "Oh, Red, could you grab the dry food in the back, it's getting near feeding time."

"Sure thing, love," Red said.

"I'll help," Twilight offered as she followed the tall alien into the backroom.
Once in the backroom, Red checked the various foods, making sure there were bags big enough for the rest of the week.

Twilight watched as he did his work, smiling to herself. It almost felt like yesterday Red was the arrogant jerk along with Purple that she and Rocky had practically kidnapped from space and taking them to Brian and Rita's still felt like yesterday had Twilight harbored feelings for the tall alien...

Twilight still remembered that conversation they had on the night Lol's old shop had burned. The way he looked at nervous and scared her was...the anticipation the pony had...

Twilight shifted nervously, biting her lip. Finally, she spoke. "Hey, Red?"

"Hmm?" He murmured, not looking up from his duty.

"Uh..." She played with her hooves. "Remember that talk we had back at the Brown residence?"

"What talk?" Red asked.

She blinked. "Uh, the talk about you going to tell me-"

"Great ITT!" Shouted Dollarnator's voice.

Both turned immediately, startled, then ran out of the room to see what happened.

When they met up with Lol and Dollarnator, the machine of the future held something in his large metal hands.

"Did something happen?" Red asked desperately. "Is the bird alright?"

"Did the egg make it?" Twilight asked worriedly.

The machine of the future looked at them and smiled. Then he beckoned for them to come closer. As they came near, he held out his hands.

In it was a newborn bird, slowly opening its eyes and gazing at the world for the first time. It looked at both Red and Twilight curiously, then it gave a small squeak.

"Oh, my..." Red's voice trailed off.

"It's a girl," Dollarnator said happily. "Congratulations!"

"Oh, she lovely," Twilight cooed. She turned to Lol. "You should be proud of her Lol."

"I am," the brunette smiled gratefully, "and so is her momma and daddy." She looked over her papers and wrote something down. "I'm not going to separate families. Each will be a pack, and buying that pack will come with a good discount and a good price."

"Now that is an awesome idea," Red told her. He turned to Dollarnator. "You are definitely a figure that shows the future is bright."

"Oh, thank you, My Tallest," the machine gave a bow, "I know. I'm awesome, yeah? The appliances at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond tell me I've got quite a personality."
"Are you sure your teachers don't know you're here?"

Rocky turned to Apple Bloom and smiled. She, Zim, Dib, and Keef, had snuck out of their schools to visit the fillies at their school. Gaz, not much of a team player, just stayed at the Skool, not at all interested in visiting Ponyville, no matter how good their food was. It was recess time for the little school in Ponyville, and Rocky and the others were playing with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"Our school had a plumbing problem," Dib explained.

"Mine is having an assembly," Rocky said with a roll of her eyes. "Those things go on for hours, and none of the staff notices if we're gone or not."

"Honestly, Zim is glad to be out of that wretched place," the alien huffed, "even something so humanly girly as this studying institution is much better than the Skool with its horrid food and sniveling human teachers."

"Well, we're glad you could come by," Scootaloo said happily. "Maybe you might see us get our cutie marks today!"

"Yeah, how's that working for you?" Dib asked, scratching his head.

"Still nothing," Sweetie Belle said sadly. "We tried baking a cake while upside down...but that didn't exactly work for us."

"I'm sure you'll get those marks soon," Keef encouraged them. "And maybe they'll be so nice even Photo Finish will take pictures of them!"

"That reminds me," Zim began, "is that pony still searching for the Tallest?"

"She even went to Rarity's place," Sweetie Belle said, "instead of answering questions, my sister tried to persuade Photo Finish with her newest designs."

"No luck for her?" Rocky asked.

"She's not being too dramatic about it," the little unicorn said.

"I'm not really too surprised that the Tallest are called the most handsome in all of Equestria," Dib said. "I mean, you saw the way those spa ponies looked at them."

"Let's not forget when the Tallest were helping at the flower shop," Rocky chuckled. "Daisy was nearly showering them with roses."

"Well, they are great," Apple Bloom beamed. "Especially Purple. He's awesome!"

"Red's quite a looker," Rocky giggled. "Oh, those eyes...makes me want to wear red..."  

Zim raised an eyeridge at her. "You seriously are infatuated with one of my leaders?"

Dib and Keef heard this and glanced at Zim from their corner of their eyes. Rocky just laughed at the alien.

"Honey, I'm nine, I'm still young, and my expectations are nothing that of complicated," she said. "Heck, if Wally and I weren't cousins, we'd be going out by now."

"Gross!" Keef exclaimed. "I mean, not gross in the dating thing, but...well, I mean, he'd still be your cousin even when he isn't."

"Thank you, Keef, you're representing the element of honestly," Rocky rolled her eyes. "Anyway, when's lunchtime rolling around? Nothing new at the cafeteria in my school."

"As usual, ours is serving garbage," Zim cringed.

Apple Bloom just smiled before she dug into her pack and took out something shiny and red. "Apple?"

"Earth's most honored nutrient," Zim said breathlessly as he accepted it. "Oh, sweet Irk, Earth fruit sweetness courses through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants!"

"Last time you said rubber ants," Rocky pointed out with a chuckle.

"Ants, pants, my veins are running," Zim said before biting into the apple.
Red stood atop the rooftop of Lol's pet store, gazing at the clear blue sky. If it were night time, he would be gazing at stars. And where there were stars, he knew which one would be the twinkling one that was on the path toward Irk.

How were his people coping while he and Purple were here on Earth? Were they worried? Were they planning a rescue? What would the Control Brain think?

"Do you miss home?"

Red turned and gave a soft smile as Lol stood beside him, watching the sky as well. "Honestly, Lol," he said with a sincere tone, "since I've arrived on this planet, it's been nothing but home." That was the truth.

Lol smiled up at him before reaching over and clasping her hand around his thin fingers. "Red, you know, it's okay if you and Purple need to come back to your people and let them know. I mean, we'll be right behind you when you do that." She bit her lip. "Though, I'm not really sure if other aliens will exactly be pleasant with species like me..."

Red gently tightened his fingers around her grasp. "I'll show them how special you are," he said quietly, "I'll show the entire planet just how amazing Earth and its inhabitants are, as well as ponies and other weird but gentle creatures."

Lol liked the thought as they continued gazing at the sky. "So..." She began. "When do you think you'll eventually have to go back?"

Red gazed hard at the sky. "I'm not sure..." He said. "I mean, I've lost count of the days since we arrived here. I really don't know when the right moment is."

"Oh, Red," Lol said soothingly, "any time can work, I'm sure. We just need to think of plans for that specific date."

Before Red could say anything, Fluttershy suddenly flew up to their level. The yellow pegasus gave a shy smile as her wings flapped in the air.

"I'm sorry," she said shyly, "am I disturbing you?"

"Oh, no, Fluttershy," Lol assured her with a smile, "was there something you needed?"

"Well, I just wanted to let you two know that Pinkie Pie is throwing another party," Fluttershy said, "in honor of the new shop as well as becoming new citizens of Galaxy Hills and getting nicer jobs." She bent her head down a bit, her pink hair covering one of her eyes as she gazed at them shyly. "I sure hope you two will join the celebration."

"Another party?" Red chuckled. "Oh, that Pinkie would be amazing with festivities on my planet." He smiled at the pegasus. "Of course we'll go."

"Oh, that's wonderful," Fluttershy said with quiet cheer. "It's going to be at Zim's original house tonight at eight."

"Zim's original house?" Lol raised an eyebrow.

"It was his base when he first came to Earth," Red explained to her, "now he just uses it as a cover-up when he goes to Skool, stating to his classmates that he now has two homes and spends more time in his adopted parents' apartment than at his original base." He smiled at the thought. "Honestly, his parents' place is so much better, and in a nicer environment."

"Pinkie Pie has everything set," Fluttershy said happily. Then she turned to Red. "Oh, Tallest Red..." She shifted her hooves nervously. "Did you...have you spoken with Twilight yet?"

"About what?" He asked in confusion.

The pegasus's eyes widened. "Oh, uh...never mind..." She murmured as she lowered herself down to the ground.

"What was she talking about?" Lol asked Red as they watched her land gracefully on the street.

"I'm not sure..." Red stroked his chin. "But I think I remembered that I forgot something..."
The music blared as everyone began having a good time at Zim's disguised base of a home. Pinkie Pie laughed and danced, happy that her party plans had become another success for fun and excitement. Her smile had gotten even bigger when the Tallest, along with Lol and Winn, arrived at the door.

"My Tallest!" Zim and Skoodge said before they bent their heads down in respect to their leaders.

"At ease, boys," Red said with a smile, "there's no need for that tonight."

"Boy, am I glad you guys came!" Pinkie giggled as she stood before them. "You guys are like the guest of honor! And without the guest of honor this would just be some random party! Not that I don't like random parties but still-"

"Welcome," Voltura cut in as she came over and embraced both Red and Purple. "This fiesta has become muy buena now that you're here."

Rodolfo came over to greet the Tallest as well, not before he watched as Voltura kissed each alien on the cheek. Red and Purple smiled at the woman in embarrassment as she smiled at them with motherly adoration.

"Yes..." Rodolfo said through barred teeth. "Muy bueno..."

"Hey, Voltura," Winn began, holding the bracelet that had served as her breathing device for Milo's tank. "These bracelets rock. I never thought I'd ever breathe under water and discover a fish place that's like our place, so thank you."

"Oh, no problem," Voltura said modestly, "I like tinkering when I don't do crime. Really, I do some experiments around the house during my free time."

"It's true," Rodolfo said. "She invented this amazing bomb that blew up the entire bank of Miracle City!" He shifted nervously. "I should know...I got quite an impact from that...
"So, Dudley," Velma began as she took out her laptop from her carrier bag, "I made some observations, and I think I can detect when Snaptrap's going to strike again."

Dudley looked at the brunette, licking his lips after consuming some of Applejack's apple fritters. "Oh, come on, Vel," he smiled with a roll of his eyes. "Tonight we're partying, put that TUFF stuff away for tomorrow or whatever. Enjoy the night!"

"But Snaptrap-" Velma began.

"Is probably going through another allergic reaction," Dudley cut in with a smirk. "That guy hardly remembers he's allergic to cheese. Don't sweat it."

Velma shook her head and laughed. She turned and her glasses nearly slid down her nose as she smiled widely. "The Tallest are here..." She said breathlessly.

Dudley turned and there stood Red and Purple, who were talking with a Brian and Rita. How tall they were, towering over almost everyone. The Tallest came over to them with smiles of greeting.

"Velma, Dudley," Red greeted, "been a short while since we've last seen each other." He smiled at Velma. "How's the new job for you doing?"

Velma gave a shy smile. "Well, it's much more exciting than solving mysteries, and it actually pays. I just can't believe they took me in even though I'm still in high school."

"Well, you're a smart human," Red told her knowingly. "By the stories you've told me, your gang would be completely useless without you, being the brains." Then he stroked his chin. "Of course, in my opinion, you symbolize both human brains and beauty..."

Velma's eyes widened. Then her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Dudley watched as she swooned at Red's compliment. Smooth...that was actually wonder girls in Equestria were crazy about the Tallest...

"Well, I need a word with Keswick and Frink," Red said as he walked off. "Enjoy the party."

"And I need cupcakes," Purple said as he walked toward the dessert table. "That's what makes a party."

Velma and Dudley watched as the Tallest went their separate ways. Velma let out a breathless sigh, her eyes fluttering behind her glasses.

"Oh, Dudley..." Velma sighed happily. "This is one of the things that makes me actually happy me and Shaggy broke up..."

Dudley just stared at her. "Yeah, hopefully there are other things, too..."
Milo searched through the crowd, trying to find that special unicorn. He found Twilight next to Spike while she used her magic to get themselves some punch.

Milo took a deep breath, smoothed his top fin, then proceeded toward her. "Hello, Twilight Sparkle," he greeted in his smoothest voice.

Twilight turned and smiled at him. How her eyes made him want to melt. "Milo, hello!" She greeted. "Nice to see you came!"

"Nice to see you're back to your good self," Milo said, "not that there was anything bad in you to begin with." He chuckled at his own joke. "But seriously, Twi, how are things? You and Red, to be exact."

"Yeah, I was wondering, too," Spike said uneasily. "I mean, you still...?"

"Well..." The unicorn bit her lip. "There's something Red has to tell me, and he's too nervous about it. It's been almost a week since he nearly confessed something and now I seem too nervous to ask what exactly he was going to tell me."

Milo blinked. "What?"

"I think Red might love me!" Twilight exclaimed.

Milo's jaw dropped. "Love you?" He cried. "Girl, you crazy! I mean, no offense..." He added quickly, trying not to offend her. "But he's already with Little Miss Pet Shop."

"Rainbow Dash and the other ponies keep telling me that's it," Twilight said, "I mean, when Red first spoke to me, he was nervous, worried, and he told me it took him this long to realize something! Realize that maybe I'm that girl or what?"

Spike gulped.

"Mordecai did tell me I was Ms. It..." Twilight pondered. Then her ears lowered. "Oh, Mordecai, I wish he could be here. But Benson has a tight schedule..." Her eyes fluttered sadly. "That bluejay really helped me through my tough time..."

"Yeah, I bet he does that with every sparkle-eyed unicorn..." Milo muttered under his breath. Then he brightened a bit. "But enough about secrets and confessions. Twilight, you want to da-"

"Hold that thought, Milo," Twilight cut in as she past him. "I think the Tallest have something important going on right now..." She said as she spotted The Tallest talk to Frink and Keswick. "I better check as well. I do have the mind of a scientist, don't I?"

Milo and Spike watched as Twilight left, feeling stunned and defeated.

Spike gave a sigh before he reached toward the punch table. "Punch?" He offered Milo dejectedly.

"Hit me, brother," Milo sighed before they clinked cups and drank.
Lisa moved nervously through the crowd, before spotting a familiar alien who was fresh out of his redhead human boy disguise. She smiled as she watched Skoodge act out a scene to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Lisa and Bart had watched him perform in his Hamlet play a few days ago. As much as Lisa was intimidated to come back to Waverly Hills Elementary, that didn't stop her from watching her friend perform. And what an actor he was, the girls had been practically swooning over his every word. And after the play, Lisa barely got to speak a few words to him on account of all his female classmates were surrounding him, begging for autographs and showering him with flowers and phone numbers.

Well, Skoodge already had her phone number from the day they met. Now Lisa just wanted to give him a nice set of flowers she had just bought today. That little daisy she gave him back at the play seemed so pathetic compared to the bouquets of roses those rich girls had been throwing at him...

Finally, Lisa stood beside him and nervously cleared her throat. Skoodge turned and smiled at her, his ruby eyes shining brightly.

Lisa held out the bouquet. "For doing a great job at the play that not even the David Tennant version can compete with." And she gave her best smile.

Skoodge smiled at her, accepting the gift. "Wow, Lisa, thanks! This are even prettier than the ones the girls at school have been throwing at me!"

Lisa's smile widened, and she could hardly contain her snort laughter. Bart stood beside her, rolling his eyes and pretended to gag.

Zim watched as the Simpson children talked with Skoodge and the Crusaders before turning to accept a cup of soda from Rocky.

"Cheers for the night," she said smoothly.

"Victory for Lol and Winn," Zim added with a chuckle before clinking cups.

"So how much longer you think it'll be before the Tallest will need to go back to your planet and straighten things out?" Rocky asked before taking a sip. "I mean, their people will have to know that their leaders are in love with humans."

"Meh, I don't know," Zim shrugged. "Maybe a month longer? I mean, this is the best time the Tallest have had in years, what's bigger than assuring my people?"
Red gazed around Zim's underground lab before watching both Keswick and Frink work on the super computers. The Tallest, Lol and Winn, Frink, Keswick, and Twilight had come down to the lab for some Irken updates on the computers. Going down the trash chute was out of the question, considering none of them were Zim's size. Luckily, Zim had installed a new elevator after he had been adopted.

"I am, like, so excited!" Winn exclaimed as she gazed at the computer screen in anticipation. "I can't believe we're actually going to peek into the diaries of the former Tallest!"

Red smiled at her. "I still can't believe Frink and Keswick believe they can hack into them. I mean, Purple and I have been trying to break the code into the secret diaries for years, but nothing's worked."

"Obviously, the c-c-code has never faced off with Earth intelligence," Keswick stuttered proudly as he typed unto a keyboard.

"Quite right, my good animal man," Frink nodded. "Have no fear, my tall alien friends, the power of science will finally get you to peek into the long-awaited something something of your former leaders."

"You think that Tallest Miyuki you told us about ever had any boyfriends while she was Tallest?" Winn couldn't help but ask.

Red and Purple's eyes widened at such a question. Purple quickly cleared his throat.

"Well, we're going to find out," he chuckled nervously.

Twilight watched as the two scientists worked, then she turned her gaze toward Red. She couldn't help but smile at him.

"Even though they had been the original leaders of your planet," she couldn't help say, "they are nothing compared to the true Tallest of today."

Red smiled at her, then reached forward and patted her mane. "Thanks, Twilight. You're always such a voice of reason."

Twilight nearly fainted at his gentle touch. She wanted to ask him right now what had been on his mind during their talk back at the Browns, but Lol and the others were in the room.

Red turned back to the screen. "Are you guys sure you can hack into those diaries?" He asked in doubt. "I mean, this is complicated Irken technology, it could take days-"

"Done," Keswick said simply before sitting back in his seat with a satisfied smirk.

Red blinked. "What do you mean 'done'?"

"We got the code," Frink said simply, "the diaries are open."

"Say what?" Purple exclaimed. He moved closer toward the screen. "Yay! Let me see! Oh, man, Miyuki must have had some really embarrassing secrets back when she was Tallest!"

"I want to know who she dated!" Winn exclaimed happily. "And I want to know if that Tallest Spork ever had girlfriends while he was leader!"

"Let's not forget about reading their opinions on shorter aliens!" Twilight added as she read. "I mean, they were harsh back then, weren't they?"

Red smiled to himself as he gazed at the screen. Finally...the long-waited revealing of the former leaders' diaries. No doubt Miyuki might have criticized about him and smaller Irkens as well as Spork bragging about how tall and seemingly handsome he was...

Red read quietly. There was one entry about how Miyuki nearly tripped on her way out of her ship to planet Conventia...there was another entry about how Spork caught sight of some lovely young Irken, but rejected her because she was too short...

Suddenly, one entry caught Red off-guard.

"Great Irk..." He gasped.

The others, whom had just read the entry, all gasped as well.
"...and that's how I escaped Foodcourtia," Zim said proudly. "Again."

Rocky nodded, taking his words in. "Boy, that Sizz Lorr guy must have been really mad..."

"Excuse me...! Sorry...! Please move...!" Red said desperately as he moved through the crowd, pushing through with one hand while the other held a large packet of papers.

"Watch it!" Boog exclaimed.

"Pardon me!" Rarity exclaimed.

"Where's the fire, lad?" Mung Daal wondered as Red pushed past him.

"Zim! Has anyone seem Zim?" Red exclaimed, looking to others.

Some pointed toward the couch where Zim and Rocky were sitting. Red blew a huge sigh before rushing toward them.

"Tallest Red, what's going on?" Rita asked as she and Brian and others watched both him and Purple approach Rocky and Zim.

"What's everyone staring at?" Pinkie exclaimed through the microphone as she stood behind the DJ system while Gir played with a record. "Why isn't anyone having a great time?" She cocked her head higher to see Red and Purple stand before Rocky and Zim.

"My Tallest," Zim said in a surprised tone, seeing both his leaders panting heavily as they looked at him. "Is something wrong?"

"Okay, long story short, we finally accessed the diaries of the former Tallest," Purple breathed as Red held out the papers in his hands.

"No way..." Rocky gasped with an excited smile. "You dished up their long-hidden secrets?"

"Oh, yeah..." Red gulped. "We have..."

"What's this about secrets?" Rita asked as she and Brian stood beside the Tallest.

"Listen to this entry," Red began as he read. "It was found in Miyuki's diary."

For as long as I've been leader, I will honestly say it's pathetic having these shorter Irkens before me, thinking there's any use of themselves in the universe...

Zim's hands tightened, offending by such words.

But thankfully there are some tall Irkens on this planet. Spork being one of them. Though I'm taller than him, to me, he's as tall as he is handsome.

Rocky's eyes widened. "Whoa..." That was all she could say.

The empire is unaware that we have been dating. They assume we are about private business regarding invasion of enemy planets and such.

But things really grew complicated when I got sick one morning.

Rita's eyes widened, knowing exactly what that meant.

A smeet...I had been holding Spork's smeet.

At first, Spork and I were excited. Finally, someone who will take my place in the future, be as tall as I was.

When we got to the underground lab and did our own private analyzation. I was shocked to learn something about our smeet.

It appeared small on the tiny that my hand was bigger than it.

It was short. A short Irken. The horror.

Rocky's eyes widened at those words.

No way did Spork and I want to have a short Irken baby who might grow to become a short Irken adult. The disgrace of it all.

"And that's not all..." Red went on quietly before continuing. "Here's something from Spork's diary..."

It was hard, but we managed to pull that little sucker out of Miyuki before it was time for that baby's months of progressing to begin. Honestly, I don't care what happens to it. It's short, so what does it matter? I will not be a laughing stock of my own race because my own child will become so small as it grows.

I took one look at the barely breathing thing before turning away. It was small and disgusting. I really hoped it would die soon after being ripped out of my woman.

"Oh, my God..." Brian muttered.

Throwing it in the trash was out of the question. We needed to get rid of this thing without drawing any attention of any witnesses.

Miyuki and I remembered about the smeet sample donation lot. There were thousands of unborn smeets there. What difference would it make if we snuck this thing in there only for the computer to scan that it's been dead?

So while the soldiers were out of the room, Miyuki grabbed a tube while I held the disgusting thing in my hands, it's nearly dead body feeling like an organ in my hands.

Finally, I got the thing in the tube and we managed to sneak it into the thousands of baby tubes before the soldiers came back.

Well, so much for parenthood. It probably stinks anyway, and I enjoy my stress-free, childless life.

Red lowered his hands before gazing at Zim, whom held an expression of both shock and horror.

"B-but..." Zim stuttered. "Why are you telling Zim this?"

Red and Purple turned to each other sadly before looking back at Zim and Rocky, whom held his hand to calm him down.

"The day Purple and I became the Tallest..." Red began quietly. "A new smeet had been that most Irken had described as a late-born but on the other hand a miracle..."

Brian and Rita's eyes widened. The others who had been listening in gasped.

Zim and Rocky's eyes suddenly widened in realization.

"Are you saying, My Tallest..." Zim gulped. "That the reason you are telling Zim all this is because..."

Red sighed sadly, nodding. "The smeet that Tallest Miyuki and Spork tried to kill...that was you, Zim..."

Chapter 18, part 1 of my Invader Zim cartoon crossover story, and boy is it dramatic! :wow:

The following characters from various shows featured here are: Skoodge, Almighty Tallest Red and Purple, Zim, Dib, Keef, Gir, Gaz, and mentions of Sizz Lorr, Miyuki, and Spork, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, aka the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Spike, and Angel from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, mentions of Mordecai and Benson from The Regular Show, Dollartnator, Oz's mom, Mitzy the goat, Man-Artica, Chris Chuggy, Kyle the wizard, and Boog from Fanboy and Chum Chum, Mung Daal from Chowder, mentions of Alejandro from Total Drama World Tour, Velma from Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, Keswick and Dudley from TUFF Puppy, Professor Frink, Lisa, and Bart from The Simpsons, my KND OC Rocky and mentions of Numbuh 4 from Codename: Kids Next Door, my FG OCs Lol and Winn, mentions of Peter Griffin, and Brian and Rita from Family Guy, Voltura and Rodolfo from El Tigre, and Milo from Fish Hooks.

So Lol and Winn are really enjoying their new life in Galaxy Hills, along with the FBCC characters. :)

Yeah, Twilight still needs to know what exactly Red had been trying to tell her. Does he love her or what? :roll:

And my guess that after you've read part one of this chapter, you just realize that Red and Purple weren't the only one who suffered during the ruling of the original Tallest. My guess it that you'll hate the original Tallest even more after this. :(

Stay tuned for part 2! ;)
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