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January 7, 2013
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Da Bomb by Cartuneslover16 Da Bomb by Cartuneslover16
Slappy Squirrel: Cartoon troll of ALL time. :mwahaha:

Long before any of us even knew what a troll was besides those creatures that live under the bridge! :rofl:

I made this to celebrate today, because this is the day that the Hub has officially made the Animaniacs a series on their channel, and a number of us who can recall television memories are enthralled with joy. :w00t:

For anyone who remembers watching the Animaniacs, besides the Warner siblings, we ALL can remember Slappy Squirrel, that cranky but lovable character who isn't afraid to say what she wants, let alone do what she wants. And every moment with her onscreen emits even more laughter. :D

I still remember the episode "Critical Condition" where Slappy proved herself an even larger 'Looney Tune-y' character than any of the Looney Tunes to a couple of critics who held doubt for her.
NEVER. DOUBT. SLAPPY. :icontsktskplz:

And for all us MLP FIM fans, we OBVIOUSLY know Pinkie as the only mare who can break the fourth wall, let alone act in the basis of 'cartoon physics' more than anypony. :D

My thoughts were: Pinkie's funnybone tends to either make her friends laugh or drag them into dire situations...I wonder what would happen if such a thing was performed by Slappy and on HER?

Explosives were always my favorite props of a basic cartoon. And Slappy tends to carry more than one in her purse every now and then. :XD:

Again, welcome back, Animaniacs, you've just made the Hub, well, as some Rainbow Dash fans would say, 20% cooler. :lol:

Slappy Squirrel from Animaniacs (c) Tom Ruegger
Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c)
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MiraKHall Feb 7, 2014   General Artist
:rofl: Now THAT'S Comedy!
PinkiePie: But all my bombs and explosives I ever used were exploding with confetti or were fireworks!

Slappy Squirrel: Who said that old horse cannot learn new tricks should get this bomb in the face.
i loves slappy thank god she can kicks pinkie pie annoying butt 
WRONG! Twilight also broke the 4th wall! And so did Spike, discord and Fluttershy. And they all have "broken the laws of physics" at one point or another. It annoys me that everyone always says that Pinkie can do this kind of stuff because she has special powers or something of that nature. No, it's because she's a cartoon character. They all are, so they all have the potential to break the 4th wall, and break the laws of physics.
The face pinkie is making is not one of a cartoon that knows how to handle a bomb, no that is the rare face of pure panic.
The resulting actions will be frenetically trying to get rid of the bomb, yet result in detonation.
Ponies are not notable for being as durable are loony toon like cartoons so pinkie mite just get hurt, and when she does I don't think pinkie will be very happy about it.
Dell-AD-productions May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like it!
does pinkie have to cupcake a squirrel :iconcupcakespinkieplz:
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